Great Barracuda


Savanna Redman

Great Barracuda
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Great Barracuda
Great Barracuda
Drawn by hand - in India ink on paper.

The Great Barracuda is a smooth stalker and a lone hunter...

I was sitting on the dock one night, watching a 4-foot long Barracuda hunting; it was not a tough night for this fish.

Beneath a spotlight that was set up for night swimming, hundreds of Yellowtail Snappers lazily circled in the pool of light. Undetected, the barracuda lazily moved to the edge of the school and in moments had his target in sight. His smooth silvery coloring pulsed and changed into dark black stripes, like those of a Bengal Tiger. (No, I was not smoking). He struck his target so fast, that I could not detect any movement, just the sudden splash of the attack, five feet away, and the scattering of Snappers in all directions. After finishing his meal, he slowly returned to the edge of the pool of light, easing back into position in his smooth silvery coat. The school of snappers amazingly regrouped and resumed their calm circular swimming. With self-assured calm, he locked his sites onto a fresh target his bold stripes pulsing to life as the scene repeated itself… This drawing was my tribute to such an incredible hunter.

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