'Caribbean Queen' Queen Conch Shell Watercolor


Savanna Redman

'Caribbean Queen' Queen Conch Shell Watercolor
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'Caribbean Queen' Queen Conch Shell Watercolor
Original watercolor 20” x 14” watercolor on D’Arches paper.

The Queen Conch is one of the most beautiful shells found in the Caribbean. Set against the blue sea - I couldn't resist painting it.

This artwork is also available as custom murals on kiln fired ceramic tile. Visit savannaredman.com for more information on paintings on tile.

The Queen Conch has been valued throughout history, traded and carried home from many adventures. This huge mollusk shell, with flaring bright pink lips, has been collected for it’s meat and it’s shell; which has been scrimshawed, carved into ornate sculptures, jewelry like cameos, beads and buttons. Occasionally the conch contains a rare treasured pink pearl.

Ancient mariners used the conch (with slight modifications) as a ship’s trumpet.

It is the emblem of Neptune as well as the god Vishnu, and in China - symbolize a successful journey and good fortune.

Shells are associated with water symbols as the source of life, and are linked to the Yin, the feminine. In the Maya culture the Conch represents the waters; ornately carved shells have been excavated from Maya ruins and its image has been found in their hieroglyphs.
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