'Lighthouse Reef' Tropical Reef Fish and Coral


Savanna Redman

'Lighthouse Reef'  Tropical Reef Fish and Coral
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'Lighthouse Reef'  Tropical Reef Fish and Coral
'Lighthouse Reef' 4’ x 5’ - Oil on canvas

A few of my favorite Caribbean reef fish. A Stoplight Parrotfish, Juvenal Wrasse and a brilliant Yellow-tailed Damsel, swimming with other tropical reef fish though a lush forest of bright corals and sponges.

Light House Reef is off the coast of Belize. I love the natural light that sparkles through the gin clear water on a bright Caribbean day. I try to memorize a reef scene in the same studying-way I would if I were drawing the scene. My paintings come together after many dives; favorite scenes become anchored in the sands of my mind. My paintings are not from photographs; in my mind, they are in motion; the light sparkles in prisms and small fish dart around the corals and sponges.

I am in awe: observing the smallest coral head and the reef creatures that call it home, so I make a dull dive buddy. In this calm observing state, I anchor views in my mind forever. It is also when the funniest things happen. Amazingly, curious sea creatures come to me, when other divers are out desperately looking for them. On such one dive; I was kneeling in the sand watching a big grouper at a cleaning station, when it felt as if someone was looking over my shoulder. I turned to see 3 dolphins calmly hanging vertically behind me, at arms reach, watching: watching me watch the fish. The curious look of, “What the heck is she looking at?” was on all 3 faces. If I ever drown on a dive, it will be from laughing too hard, or being so taken with the beauty: I simply forget to breathe.

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