Caribbean Dragon - At Night


Savanna Redman

Caribbean Dragon - At Night
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Caribbean Dragon - At Night
Dragon - At Night
Drawn by hand - in India ink on D’Arches watercolor paper (a lot of ink – it was a large drawing).

My sea monsters create themselves - when I set my mind free to play.
I was surprised when the moon and the depth of the shadows pulled the waves into an almost stylized botanical motif and a nigh scene. It started as a day scene with a sun, obviously it evolved on it’s own - as my mythical creatures do.. I cannot explain where these things come from - when they simply emerges from the depth of my subconscious.

I do find it funny that something in my mind likes an extravagant baroque style. And, for unknown reasons these drawings - with the subconscious influence – become favorites.

I have an eastern view of dragons, even though this sea monster looks a bit aggressive. In the west, they are seen as evil, represent chaos or are the devil incarnate.

In the east - as with most things, the view is 180 degrees the other way.
Dragons are who you want around when times are tough, a benevolent and fierce protector who rules the elemental forces of the world. They bring the gift of rain and fertility of the earth, spiritual knowledge, happiness and even immortality. The Chinese dragon processions with the paper dragons and fierce masks celebrate the germinating blessing of the spring rains.

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