Virgin Islands Chart


Savanna Redman

Virgin Islands Chart
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Virgin Islands Chart
Chart of U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Anegada to St Croix. Drawn and painted by hand. Using India ink layered with a watercolor wash.

I’ve repeated a style - I created for my Thai chart - two side columns; allowing more depth for the artwork, while still playing within the boundaries of cartography.

I’ve included; the Tortola Sloop, sailing ships, most all the bays - especially old favorites like, 'Throw Away Wife Bay' off of Great Camanoe Island (some names just make you wonder).

For the trade wind, I have drawn a misty Saint Ursula with a lamp for her virgin followers.

I've included; reefs, shoals and drops; Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, game fish, sea turtles, a Nurse Shark, a Spotted Eagle Ray, a Bottle Nose Dolphin and more sea life mixed in with my mermaids and sea monsters.

Click on the Gallery tab to see my other charts; The Caribbean Chart 'Islands of the Bahamas and West Indies', Ambergris Caye, Mundo Maya Belize and my Thai chart.

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Paper: Enhanced Matte
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