Jaguar Shaman


Savanna Redman

Jaguar Shaman
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Jaguar Shaman
Mayan Jaguar Shaman
Serti Technique on Silk

Jaguar, power, dance and transformation are symbolized and expressed in a painting. Here a Maya lord takes the shape of his animal self or “uay”, a Jaguar. His belt holds the symbol of heaven and jade beads.

The Jaguar was the most revered animal in Mesoamerica. They played a large roll in the Maya religion and were an important Shamanic creature. The Jaguar, with its power and grace, held the top position in the food chain and this supremacy was greatly admired and sought after.

In states of ritual transformation, humans changed themselves into jaguars from at least Olmec times onward. Kings, chiefs and shaman often wore the pelts, sandals, and headdresses made from the Jaguar. Necklaces of jade beads in the shape of jaguar teeth and stone thrones often took the form of the Jaguar.

A vase from the “Altar de Sacrificios” from the Maya Late Classic Period (600 – 900 AD) was the inspiration for my silk painting.
In my interpretation, I sought to create the feeling of a painting on the wall of a temple. My choice of greens and the technique I used in the background, was to create the sense of aged stone and moss, but also to represent jade. Jade (jadeite) is associated with life and renewal of life and is the most important stone in the Maya culture. Original painting on silk 24" x 30"

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