Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins


Savanna Redman

Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins
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Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins
Dionysus Sailing with Dolphins
Serti Technique on Silk

It’s hard to love the sea and not love mythology.

Dionysus, The God of Wine (later named Bacchus by the Romans) was the son of Zeus and Semele.

There are many stories involving Dionysus, but this one is is a favorite.
The God Dionysus was disguised as a mortal while traveling on a ship The sailors on board decided to make a little extra money by selling this lone passenger into slavery at the next port of call.
Dionysus, discovered their devious plot and became enraged. With vengeance he filled the wind with the sound of flutes and caused the timbers of the ship to sprout and rapidly grow into grapevines. Then (as an extra special touch) he turned the oars of the ship into snakes - that so terrified the crew, they promptly jumped overboard. Unfortunately most of the crew couldn’t swim.
Dionysus was known to be a generous and joyful God - though he tended to be a bit excessive at times. When he heard their pleading and begging, he had a change of heart, and saved them from drowning by turning them into Dolphins.

The Greeks have known for centuries that Dolphins (as previous sailors themselves) often guided ships and helped their crew. Rescuing drowning men, women and especially children, by guiding and lifting them gently to safety.
Sailors treat them with kindness and a shared kinship. Welcoming them on their voyage. Having a dolphin visit during a journey has long been viewed as a good omen from the gods.

In another story: Dionysus turned himself into a dolphin - to ferry the faithful to the temple of Delphi.

Hand painted in a serti technique on silk. 26" x 20".
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