Egyptian Barque, a soul's journey


Savanna Redman

Egyptian Barque, a soul's journey
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Egyptian Barque, a soul's journey
Egyptian Barque, a soul's journey.
Serti Technique on Silk

I love the boats of ancient cultures. It's not only the style of the boats, that I find interesting, but also their purpose. They serve in daily life, and as a means of transportation for the soul through the afterlife.

This painting was inspired by a section of a Nineteenth Dynasty painting from the tomb of Irynefer.

It shows a scared barque traveling on the celestial Nile of the afterlife. Irynefer is standing in a pose of respect toward the Gray Heron (a sacred bird that represents the ba or soul and the sun god Ra), the disk of the sun (over the heron and over the stern of the boat) are also symbols of Ra.
Like the sun, the heron rose from the primeval waters of the Nile and its name, Benu, was likely derived from the word weben: to “rise” or “shine”.
Other symbols; painted on the side of the boat is the eye of Udiet, a symbol of sanctity and diving grace. In addition, the protective eye of Horus, the wadjet, floats above the prow. There are many more symbols, like the winged scarab on the necklace worn by Irynefer, the feather of Matt on the staff - representing soul’s value or truth, and more that all add to the protection and divinity of the journey.

Later "Benu" the Gray Heron of Egypt, became the sacred bird of Heliopolis, which became the legendary phoenix of the Greeks. The association of the rising and setting sun, or rising from its own ashes, or resurrection.

I found this boat beautifully laced with symbolism and style. The original silk painting - 21" x 27" (may be trimmed to 20 x 26).

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