El Tigre (The Jaguar)


Savanna Redman

El Tigre (The Jaguar)
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El Tigre (The Jaguar)
Mayan Jaguar Glyph
Serti Technique on Silk

I love how the Maya viewed the world. I’ve studied their culture and their art and sat for days on temple ruins above the treetops, watching the wildlife and clouds passing by, sketching and trying to imagine life as it once was. Their culture, their beliefs, in many ways were 180 degrees different from our own, but at other moments in time – just the same, the sun rises, the rain falls and life goes on. It is our spirit, our beliefs, our superstitions and our take on events - that shapes us. I find the artwork they’ve left behind both beautiful and a puzzle to decipher - and that to me is inspiring.

This painting is my interpretation of a Mayan hieroglyph of the Jaguar. I sought to create the feeling of a painting on a stone temple wall. When I interpret a glyph or any ancient artwork (part of it is often missing or chipped away by time or vandals) I fill in the gaps using my imagination and full artistic license, while trying to maintain the essence and strength intended by the Maya people. In the end the image and artwork becomes a part of me, my style, a fusion of sorts spanning 3000 years. The glyphs here are a few of my favorites, simply banded together and not to be taken literally. It would probably read; Sun Monkey Rain Jaguar at Night on Earth;) Which I kinda like.
Original Painting 20"x26" Serti Technique on Silk

*The Imagekind watermark is not on the print. To view my artwork without it - visit savannaredman.com This artwork is also available as custom murals on kiln fired ceramic tile. Visit savannaredman.com for more information on paintings on tile.
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