Hand Drawn and Painted Nautical Charts

While following the equator, I’ve grown attached to maps and charts.

I’ve created these charts for myself, a souvenir of sorts, of where I was living, creating, sailing and diving.

I enjoy the beauty of antique maps, however; I wanted these to be correct, showing the current names and location of towns, villages, bays and reefs.

Creating in this old world style - using India ink and watercolor - is playtime for my imagination. Every scrap of paper is embellished with local boats, old sailing ships, imagined mermaids, sea monsters and island vignettes. To me, this combination of precision and imaginative doodling formed a synergy: splicing the present with the past, allowing each place, each chart, to show its own character.

My mermaids emerge from the wavy blue corners of my mind with their own personality and style. Each ornate tail - like a fingerprint - uniquely theirs. Their hair adorned with seaweed and shells. Often they are enjoying the company of fish and dolphins: pulling the beauty of the reef and sea into one unique being. It is all imagination, fantasy and play: until they are complete. Then, they tell their own stories.

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